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My Talking Chakras

About Zocool Glevy Delgado

Zocool Glevy Delgado Is a spiritual being on a path to receive as much light as possible as God allows in her beautiful essence and  body. Zocool is her first given name in spiritual form she feels she is a Walk-In, even though Glevy abilities started young she had no guidance Zocool was that guidance. The book My Talking Chakra's is the story about how Zocool Glevy Delgado was able to balance her chakras. To know the full body and all that it has experienced, all that had to happen just to get her here. This is a place you can share your story of how you self-healed. Healing can only be done by oneself, It's an inside job, we want to offer you a place where you can share and get guidance from a community of like-minded beings here on Earth going through similar experiences as you or someone you know may benefit from her or someone else story.


Glevy's Journey

My Talking Chakras, is proud to have Glevy as our Spiritual Friend . She has years of experience and has helped numerous beings, help themselves and, find their inner peace. Today, Glevy continues to help others through her practice at My Talking Chakras. She believes that everyone has the power to heal themselves, and she is committed to helping anyone find their inner strength and live a fulfilling life.


Reiki Certification

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